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Ace War Thunder Cheats is one of the best and most popular War Thunder cheat. It has tons of unique and useful features that other cheats lack. We strive hard to make sure our cheat stays undetected and constantly updated, adding new features and refining it to perfection.


Windows 10/11

Intel & AMD


  • ESP
  • Friendlies/Enemy ESP
  • Name ESP
  • 3D ESP Boxes
  • Snaplines
  • Player list (Shows opponents actors are nearby)
  • Aim Assist (No distance limit)
  • Prediction indicator
  • MISC
  • CCIPs (enables CCIP, CCRP, RadarCSscope, pointofinterestdesignator, pointofinterest memory, helmetmounteddisplay for current aircraft)
  • Bomb Indicator (if your aircraft has bombs this option gives you an extra indicator that indicates where the bomb will land and turns green if your bomb is going to land next to the enemy)
  • Extra Zoom (changes the zoom multipliers of the current optic, works for tank optic, aircraft optic, helicopter optic)
  • No Scope Shadow (removes the shadow around the reticle for tanks)
  • Auto Bomb Aimbot (Bomb will auto release at the perfect time to bomb a tank/target)
  • Reload Indicator (Shows enemy reload time or if they're reloading currently)
  • Camera / FOV Changer (Allows you to view tank or plane from different camera levels.)
  • Able to rebind hotkeys for cheat functions
  • Tank Chams (See above image)