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Exozone Tarkov Cheats is one of the best and most popular Escape from Tarkov cheat. It has tons of unique and useful features that other cheats lack. We strive hard to make sure our cheat stays undetected and constantly updated, adding new features and refining it to perfection.


Windows 10/11

Intel & AMD


  • Rapidfire significantly increases the firing rate
  • Highly accurate prediction engine
  • Silentaim does not require modification of angles
  • 360 degree target radius, kills everyone in front or behind
  • Frame limiter increases performance by limiting the number of targets
  • Automatically shoot through walls
  • Shoot while running
  • No recoil disables all recoil in the weapon
  • No sway disables all sway in the weapon
  • Quick swap allows fast swapping between weapons
  • Quick reload allows fast reloading of magazine
  • Hitbox selector allows selection of aimbot target hitboxes and bone prioritisation
  • Enable aimbot only when a key is pressed
  • Intelligent human-like smoothing
  • Randomise selected bone for aimbot targeting
  • Randomise target spot using random x and y values from original bone
  • Dynamic hitspot changes every few seconds
  • Hitbox selector allows selection of aimbot target hitboxes and exclusion of others
  • Visibility check verifies if target is behind a wall
  • Recoil control system allows customization of recoil compensation
  • Sway control system allows customization of sway compensation
  • Highly accurate prediction based on reversed math equations from game code
  • Curve compensates for human weight movement to appear more legit
  • Autoshot automatically fires at targets
  • Visuals
  • Loot:
  • Bounding boxes: Draws boxes around each item to show their hitbox
  • Name: Items short name.
  • Distance: Distance from item's origin
  • Corpse: Other players' corpses.
  • Extraction: Extraction zones with available or requirement-unmet flags
  • Chams: Highlights all players with customizable colors for improved visibility
  • Bounding boxes: Draws boxes around each player to show their hitbox
  • Distance: Distance from player's origin
  • Skeleton: Visual representation of player's bones
  • Name: Player's username
  • Level: Current player level
  • Healthbar: Visual representation of player's health
  • Weapon: Currently-used weapon by player
  • Hitsound: Pleasant sound played after hitting a shot
  • Damage indicator: Visualizes damage dealt to other players in 3D space
  • MISC
  • Bunnyhop: Allows continuous jumping by holding jump key
  • Perfect jump: Allows flexible jumping heights and lengths
  • Autorun: Automatically enables sprint when player character moves forward
  • FOV changer: Allows adjustment of in-game camera field of view for wider or narrower views of the environment
  • Lock Y axis: Locks player's Y axis for a flying effect
  • Disable malfunctions: Prevents weapon malfunctions or breaking for increased reliability
  • Disable inertia: Removes in-game physics affecting character movement for easier control of the player character
  • Speedhack: Allows faster movement for improved pursuit or escape
  • Autoreload: Automatically reloads player's weapon when out of ammo
  • Aspect ratio changer: Allows adjustment of in-game camera aspect ratio for horizontal or vertical views
  • Novisor: Removes in-game visor effects for helmets-wearing player character
  • Heatvision: Allows viewing of heat signatures of other players and objects
  • Infinite stamina: Allows infinite running and jumping